What sets us apart is not what we do, but how we do it. You'll experience forward-looking expertise that elevates value every step of the way. We simply think differently and that produces innovative outcomes. Whether you’re a developer, investor, landlord or tenant, we are a partner who is invested in seeing you succeed.


Landlord Representation

We differentiate from any other Columbus team when it comes to representing building owners. We create a customized marketing plan for each property specific to each client’s individual goals and objectives designed to achieve the highest possible net effective rate and create maximum exposure. Each plan includes a clear definition of business objectives, a thorough market evaluation, a comprehensive property analysis, a plan to best position the property and detailed marketing tactics.

Recognizing current pain points in the industry, we’ve created a unique deal process focusing on the details and what we can do better, quicker, and more cost effective for our clients. Our goal is to be a true advisor by providing 24-7 transparency and innovative tenant databasing.

Our team currently oversees the leasing for over 4,500,000 square feet of Class A and B office space throughout the city of Columbus.

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Tenant Representation

We focus on strategy and putting your business in the best possible position to make a decision. A company’s office space is a direct reflection of its brand. We create a customized plan for each client specific to their goals and objectives designed to secure space that best meets their needs at the most aggressive terms.

It is important to know your options, understand the market, and create maximum leverage when leasing your next office space. We are here to represent you and ensure you have expert negotiations in your corner at no cost to your business.

In the past 36 months we’ve completed over 1,200,000 square feet of lease transactions throughout the city of Columbus.

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Capital Markets

Investment Sales

We have the expertise you need to strengthen your financial portfolio through the full life cycle of property acquisition, asset management and disposition. We initiate the process by defining a tailored strategy to capture and validate every investment opportunity option. We will then lead you through the due diligence process to ensure a successful conclusion. We are aware of the most active Buyers in central Ohio, and consistently put our properties in the best position to the buyer pool, commanding the highest value at the time of disposition.

Throughout your ownership of an asset, the leasing team, along with our skilled team of property managers and project managers can help elevate and maximize your property’s value. And when the appropriate investment cycle arrives, we will advise you on the best strategy to generate superior interest in your property and meet your investment objectives.

During the past 36 months we have sold over 2,300,000 square feet of office property for a total transaction value of just over $300,000,000 in investment sales. We are currently facilitating over 100,000,000 in active investment sales.

Debt & Equity

Beyond identifying and evaluating assets that complement your portfolio goals and risk profile, you need debt and equity financing solutions that support your investment strategies.

We actively maintain relationships with hundreds of national and international capital solutions providers, from major life insurance companies to credit companies, debt funds, commercial banks and private equity firms. We bring together those relationships with state-of-the-art information technology and proprietary modeling to provide insights into capital market conditions, providing you with a competitive advantage in debt and equity placements or refinancing.


We understand the importance of evaluating an asset’s worth. Arriving at an opinion of a property’s value is a complex and disciplined process that can significantly impact your business. A well-supported appraisal is often a necessary step in securing a loan, choosing the best asset for your portfolio and closing a sale.

Achieving a credible valuation report that complies with a client’s requirements and all applicable professional standards and regulations requires qualified professionals and a nuanced understanding of the property and broader market trends. Our team can provide vital insights into office properties, whether they be single-assets or comprehensive portfolios. We partner closely with other valuation and appraisal experts to ensure an accurate valuation that reflects a solid understanding of an asset and the broader market dynamics.

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